Reasons For Becoming an Eyelash Technician and Eyelash

07 Oct 2018 05:06

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Becoming an eyelash technician is an extremely good career move and I will tell you why in these next few hundred words or so. The women majority like making themselves look nice for men and their partners and because of this women tend to spend an awful lot of money on beauty products and beauty treatments. Eyelash extensions have in recent years, after a massive change to the way the product was and to how it was applied, become a massive trend in this country and the world over, but they still have some way to go to being the most sought-after beauty treatment.

If you become an eyelash technician you will be able to do all your client treatments friends eyelashes too (and I'm sure you have a lot of friends) and get paid for it! Eyelash extensions applied by a mobile eyelash technician will cost anything from £50-£100 depending on product and technician, obviously if you're doing your friends you would try to bend slightly less. If you go to a beauty salon for eyelash extensions then you can expect to pay anything from £120-£200.

If you have friends that are not sure then a good selling line would be to ask them if they use mascara and ask how much it costs. Ask them how many they buy a month if it works out at around £30-£40 (which it no doubt will) you should be in for a sale as you will probably do all your friends false eyelashes at around that those prices, mates rates and all that. You can become qualified in eyelash treatment in a 1 day eyelash extension course for around £500, after that you will be qualified in provide eyelash extensions. There are courses up and down the country and there are also trainers that will come to YOUR house for the day to train you, get in their before everyone does because they will!

So I think you can see that becoming an eyelash technician could be a very good choice, not just for the fact that you might be able to do your friends because that would be silly. You can't base a business on just doing your friends false eyelashes but one client will talk about you to friends. Or someone sees your lashes and asks where you had them done (, you are your best advert!) and gets your number and they get it done and they speak to someone, its grows and grows if you give someone a good beauty treatment, especially if your mobile too as its so much less work getting someone to come to your house for something isn't it?

Lash Lift will be self employed with out anyone telling you what to do, which is always a nice thing, and you can acquire other work using other forms of advertising that leaflets newsagent adverts and directories on the Internet and build yourself a nice niche business in something you enjoy. On the other hand due to eyelash extensions being somewhat of a new treatment there will be salons all over the place without someone able to apply extensions. There will also be such places advertising looking for the services of someone with your credentials, these can be found all over the Internet after doing a relevant search.

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