Fish export from India

10 Oct 2018 09:21

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India is leading in exporting seafood products all over world. And in 2020, fish export from India will touch the record from seven lakh tones to one million tones. And seafood exporters in India is also a seafood product. Fish is a vital source of protein which boosts up your brain with rich nutrients. Eating seafood prevents near about 54,000 deaths from heart disease every year, says the research. While choosing seafood product always make sure that they are sustainable which means that they are caught in eco-friendly way.

Shrimp has led India to be the largest exporter of seafood. Frozen fish is the second largest seafood product which account for 26.15 per cent all over world. India has large number of seafood industries and from last past few years the industry has excelled due to an increase in fish export from India. India is considered to be the largest fish exporter in Asia-Pacific region. And if you want to start a fish export business you can establish it in India. But, before starting business you must select the category and must pick your target products and then source the stock to suppliers which come under your export destinations.

Advantages of eating seafood

Seafood is rich in proteins, minerals and vitamins and also rich in omega-3 fatty acids and can also eliminate various diseases.

• Seafood provides nutrients like salmon fish is rich in vitamin A which protects vision and also boosts up your immune system. Fish like tuna provides vitamin D which helps in growth of bones, and helps in calcium absorption.

• All types of seafood prevents from heart health as they are rich in protein.

• Your skin also gets affect on the basis what you eat. Consuming seafood makes your skin glow and protects your skin against harmful UV rays from the sun. Applying fish oil on your body can prevent you from acne.

• Even for pregnant women eating fish has positive benefits on birth weight.

Fish is really very important part of seafood because it digests easily and also gives a huge amount of protein. Food industries are growing now a days and India has become the largest exporter of seafood. Seafood is also used in making medicines and is less expensive when we compare it with meat. Stress can also be reduced by consumption of seafood products. If we talk about fish it is considered to be the healthiest food item across the world.

Fatty types of fish are considered to be the healthiest like tuna fish and salmon. Eating fish also lower downs diseases like heart attacks and strokes. To keep your heart healthy you must consume fish in your diet chart. Many research and studies have shown that people who eat fish seems to have a lower risk of heart attacks and strokes. Fatty fishes are high in amount of omega-3 fatty acids which is good for maintain heart health. Disorder like depression can also be cured by eating fish.

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