The Importance of Responsibility

08 Oct 2018 22:35

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When you and a group of like minded individuals are trying to establish a new organization, whether it be a club, a social group, or a company, the direction of the organization is directly related to how well each member performs.

Let' rights from the top and work our way down. At the top you have an individual or a group of individuals that are taking charge and coordinating the efforts of the members. For the sake of simplicity, we'll call this part of the organization, the "leadership".

Leadership needs to make sure that the people in the organization are receiving some sort of responsibility or task that they need to get done in order for the organization to move forward. This promotes interest while getting members engaged, and allowing them to see that their efforts are helping with the progress of the organization. When you give people things to do they will feel more like they are a part of something, rather than leadership trying to do everything on their own.

In any type of team, group, or organization the leader should only serve as a coordinator of ideas, while the members including leadership of course carry out the responsibilities needed to make the project a success.

However, leadership should constantly remind that every person's effort has some kind of impact on the success of the organization, and without them they are only taking steps backwards.

The worst possible thing that you can do is bring those down around you, because you didn't show up to an important meeting, or because you couldn't complete the task that was given to you. When given a task you want to make sure that you complete it thoroughly, meticulously, and of course on time.

Responsibility can be related very closely with time management because of how one affects the other. Learning time management skills may be the most beneficial thing anyone can accomplish, because once you can manage your time, you learn how to be efficient, and eventually successful.

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