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08 Oct 2018 21:15

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"You are never too old to become younger." - Mae West

One of the mistakes often made by adults is to relate most health complaints in the later years to the aging process. While it looks "reasonable" to think so, it is a very fatal error.

This warped attitude and reasoning, stems from human nature in always wanting to put the blame of the woes affecting him or her on other people or things, when unable to explain certain phenomena or decipher the reasons for the happenings within or around him or her.

Use It or Lose It

It may look or sound strange to the uninformed, but it is true and very real. When we are young, our "restlessness" in actively engaging in a number of physical activities (whether programmed by our parents, school or not) helped greatly in keeping us healthy and physically fit.

For this reason, you will come to understand why athletic people, who exercise regularly, are usually healthier than most folks. The only exception being those who engage in the use of steroids or psychotropic drugs to enhance performance. This group, sooner than expected, pay an unusually high price for their indiscretions and fizzle out … like the airy breeze.

The important point to note here is the role of physical exercises in strengthening and revitalizing our body organs to keep them strong, healthy and functional at optimum levels. The more regularly you exercise, the healthier you become.

You either use your body well or you loose it. Put in another way, you either learn to always keep your body organs healthy, active and energized or you will gradually loose the ability to use them properly as the years go by. That should be enough food for thought.

Malaria and Exercise: What Is The Connection?

So what has this (exercise) got to do with the prevention, treatment, cure and eradication of malaria? And how can it help you to Be Malaria-Free For Life?

A lot. And the reason many people don't recognize the importance of exercise in maintaining optimum health, is because of its simplicity. It has no fanciful names, jaw-breaking nomenclature or complicated gadgets to use nor procedures to follow.

Your body as a natural rule only requires that you keep its organs functioning at the best possible level through good nutrition and regular exercises. And to ensure that diabetes is met, your role is to give just a minuscule amount of your time, say ten to thirty minutes each day to exercise. That's all. No big deals or hassles.

Now, is that too much to ask in order to keep you perfectly healthy and in addition make you to Be Malaria-Free For Life? If you consider that too much, what will you say of having to pay USD1,000 (one thousand US dollars) every time you are hospitalized for a malaria attack?

It is only ignorance and laziness that make people to procrastinate or feel reluctant to take action promptly when they ought to. And I define ignorance as the refusal to learn, when the opportunity is given. I implore you, please, don't be ignorant by default; which has become a very common phenomenon these days.

Clearly, the choice is yours. One will cost you nothing and is absolutely FREE; and only requires that you put in a tiny fraction of your time and effort to guarantee an optimum state of health. The other will drain your resources, financial et al, and does not guarantee that you will not be hospitalized again. Choose whichever you think is safer, healthier, more reasonable and cost-effective.

You can learn a lot more about the connection between Exercise and the prevention, treatment, cure and eradication of Malaria by reading "The Real Causes And Cure Of MALARIA" (Second Edition), a.k.a. The Malaria Eradication Bible.

Prescription: Exercise

Therefore the prescription for this first month of the year is: E-x-e-r-c-i-s-e!

You will do well therefore to incorporate an exercise schedule in your resolutions for this year. The benefits are many and will astound you if you are persistent enough to allow them become manifest in the next few weeks.

And if you do, the results will further encourage you to improve on the efforts that you have made. The "January gains" will propel you to achieve higher goals right through the other months till December. By then a definite pattern that is peculiar and beneficial to you would have been set; and you can then capitalize on these "gains" … ad infinitum.

But not withstanding all that have been said, take note of this very important tip. If you have not been exercising for a long time, don't be under any illusion whatsoever that "exercise" is all fun. Not at the beginning. You have to get used to the process of your muscles, nerves, sinews, tissues and bones to be "reborn" or "revitalized" through the stretching and pressure you will put them through.

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